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What’s It Like Getting A Tattoo?

Good question! Finally, after what feels like a lifetime of talking myself out of getting a tattoo, I took the plunge!

The only reason I hadn’t committed sooner was purely because I am an utter baby when it comes to pain. Thankfully I managed to pull myself together and had mentally prepared myself (as best I could anyway) that getting a tattoo would be no picnic.

What's It Like Getting A Tattoo?

The experience

So I visited a tattoo shop with one of my friends (who would be getting her 33rd or something tattoo!), put a deposit down, discussed my idea and booked a date. The 13th of all dates! Thankfully not a Friday.

The 13th rolled around and I was ready. Fully equipped with a huge bottle of squash, 6 bags of chocolates and sweets and a mindset ready for the needle of torture. I signed the typical medical form and very nervously sat in the chair of doom. I actually found it quite interesting and in some ways comforting watching the tattooist prep everything and it was a heck of a process a process.

My design was something that I had thought about for a really long time. I knew 100% that it would be Disney related and it had to be somewhere I could show off and hide it depending on how I felt.

I opted for the upper ankle area on my left leg regardless of how painful it would be.

Traced up and unnaturally positioned in the chair.. this was the moment all my anxiety had led up to. The actual sound of the needle I personally found horrid mainly because it reminded me of the dentist (another fear of mine) and as for the pain.. The pain was completely and utterly fine!

I really wasted so much time worrying (which really isn’t unusual for me). I can only describe the feeling to a constant cat scratch and it was totally bearable.

No dizziness, no feeling faint.. in fact I sang the whole way through (which I’m sure no one needed to hear). In total it took about an hour.

The healing process was rather long, but it was around the 11 day-mark for the dreadfully annoying itchy stage to stop (this was the worst bit of the whole experience by far). I constantly applied Savlon and washed the tattoo as advised and now it’s all fine and looking good.

So that’s that. My first tattoo all done and dusted. I’m sure I just got lucky with the pain and other body areas will surely hurt more.

Ultimately, I would do it again if I had another idea and was 100% confident with it.

What's It Like Getting A Tattoo?
*Small disclaimer, this post is just to share my experience and not to encourage anyone getting a tattoo. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, I highly suggest waiting a while to make sure you are really happy with the idea. I’m 22 and feel that this is a good time for me. A tattoo is something that obviously lasts a lifetime so make sure you really like it and go to a place that is well known with good reviews.

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