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5 Blogs/Vlogs That Have Me Hooked

Originally “vlogs” in the title auto-corrected to “clogs”.. what an interesting post that would be right? Anyway, my life currently consists of a lot of YouTube, a lot of blog reading and the odd Netflix binge of course. I have been coming across so many inspiring people lately that I wanted to share my top 5 favourite blogs/vlogs with you (in case you wanted a little nosey).

5 Blogs/Vlogs That Have Me Hooked

Mark Ferris

My god what a positive and hilarious guy! His energy is contagious and he just comes across like the ultimate friend a girl could have. He creates haul videos, vlogs, chats etc and they are all great, but in all honesty he could just sit there and be able to make people laugh (in a nice way). His videos are my go to for a much needed pick me up when I’m feeling abit meh. I’l never get bored of his channel because I just love his randomness too much.


I have so much admiration for Corrie who is creator of not only the most beautiful blog, but also her popular YouTube channel. Her blog is just amazing and she bloody knows what she’s doing! None of her posts disappoint and her personality really shines through. Over to her YouTube channel.. she has posted many videos, but most excitingly (for me anyway) Disney park videos! Anything with a Disney flare works for me, but to top that with the most adorable dog and makeup, she’s killin it.

5 Blogs/Vlogs That Have Me Hooked


If I could have just half of the confidence of Loey, I’d be one happy girl. I love her videos and I haven’t come across many channels that dive into soo many different subjects. Once again another YouTuber with some Disney, but I also absolutely love her paranormal stories. She always has a good story to tell so if that’s your thing, you should definitely check out her channel. She also has the best hauls.


Another one of my favourite blogs and Hayley gives great blog tips and advice. I have particularly been diving into her wedding posts lately, because I’m just getting so excited planning and it’s nice to see others talking about their wedding journey. Her whole blog layout is just perfect and I’m in love with her photos.


Everyone knows Louise Pentland and I am so excited to see more of her baby content roll out. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a fan of her channel (and blog), but my inner broody-self (no plans for a few years) loves seeing so many adorable baby outfits and I can’t wait for the gender reveal! I love her honesty in all situations and it’s greatly refreshing and respected.

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