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A week away : Trees, Farms and Ice Cream

Never have I ever said that I am a hiker, because I definitely am not. Regardless, I have just got back from a week away with family in the Lake District and let me just say.. my legs ache just thinking about it. I did actually have a lovely time. The views were amazing and being such a lover of trees, I was happy.

We stayed in a small cottage on a farm so every morning we were greeted by sheep and chickens. The cottage was adorable with low doors, curved walls, beams and a wood fire. It was a cozy and comfortable stay, although we could’ve done with some board games that had all the pieces and wifi that didn’t only exist in one room (blogger problems). Also, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to complete a puzzle that has one piece missing.



Lets move onto the walking side of the holiday. I was content with walking. Yes they were long and tiring at times, but I appreciated the views. Hills.. not so much. I’m not talking a small hill that you run up in the park.. I’m talking massive hills that disappear in the clouds. It could’ve been bloody Everest for how I felt! I honestly thought I was having a heart attack at one point. My thighs were burning, my feet were killing and the hill just kept going and going. When someone tells you “It will flatten out soon” a number of times.. don’t trust them.  To be fair I made it a lot further than I thought I would for someone who really wasn’t physically prepped for a hike. I definitely hit my wall towards the peak and we split off leaving my fiancé and myself to make our way back. Coming down a hill is no picnic either, it was steep and slate doesn’t give you any grip that’s for sure. After a few near death stumbles (maybe slightly over dramatic) my over-emotional self had to cry it out for a minute of two. I have never felt so drained, emotional, embarrassed and desperate for a pee in all my life. Thankfully we did eventually get back before my bladder exploded and even saw a few deer on the way. After this experience I stuck to the flatter walks and all was right in the world again.


Lake District mountains



There were many highlights of the trip. Firstly, I went canoeing for the first time in my life and it was pretty cool. Thank goodness for my fiancé steering though because I had no clue and could still very well be in the water if he wasn’t with me. I never thought I would do this, I’m not the strongest swimmer so it did make me a little anxious, but I don’t regret it for a second (and we didn’t fall in).

Another highlight is seeing all the wildlife. I’m a huge animal person so seeing red squirrels, sheep, cows, horses.. even camels and ostriches at one point (no lie) was just great. Also, everyone has a dog.. I’ve never felt so dog-broody. I need a puppy!


parma violet ice-cream

 Parma Violet flavoured ice cream! It was sooo good!

The week was a great and much needed break from reality, but it made me appreciate how easy our needs are met at home. I couldn’t live somewhere so remote regardless of how peaceful it is. It was a totally new experience for me and a happy memory as a result.






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