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Hair Disaster Story : Why I Will Never Box Dye Again

We have all heard some pretty scary hair-dye horror stories, some of you may have your own. For years I got away with using box dyes without any trouble. The beginning of this year however proved to me that I shouldn’t chance dying my hair at home anymore.

hair Disaster Story : Why I Will Never Box Dye Again

Last year I had my hair ombréd at a hair dressers, which I loved but it was a little pricey. My hair was quite dark before hand so this took a few attempts to get it as light as I wanted but I was happy with the result. For awhile anyway. I got into a habit of getting bored really quickly with my hair and thinking sod it, I’ll just buy a box dye. Of course with blonde ends, darker dye started to build up over time and eventually wasn’t far off black. A little too dark for me. Yes I should have gone to hairdressers but I’m a stubborn one and I couldn’t really afford to go.

I read reviews on the Colourless Hair Colour Remover and thought yep that’s the way to go. What a mistake… don’t use this sort of product! As a result, my hair turned orange, not a pretty ginger… orange! You’re advised not to dye your locks after for at least 2 weeks, but if you really have to, use a semi-permanent dye. I couldn’t find a semi-permanent to save my life and I was mortified walking around with my hood up in blazing hot weather.

hair Disaster Story : Why I Will Never Box Dye Again

In the end I went totally against the recommendations and coated my hair with a fully permanent dye (I don’t advice to anyone, this was purely luck). I left the dye on and hoped my hair would be able to bounce back eventually. Thankfully I did work, but after a week and a couple of washes, brassy bits started to peep through. This lead to an awkward appointment at the hairdressers, which I should’ve gone to in the first place. At least my hair has forgiven me now and is back to its healthy self. I’ll never box dye again!

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