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Inside My Makeup Box : MAC Lip Products

Inside My Makeup Box : MAC Lip Products

In the last month I have been trying to organise my makeup storage and tackle a much needed clearout. There are tons of products that I haven’t touched in while but have been happily reminded of why I liked some of them so much. These products of course include my MAC lip products. Compared to many bloggers I probably don’t have much of a collection, but I was really surprised at the number of lipsticks I have collected over time. I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to have a bit of a swatch session for any of you who are looking for different MAC lipstick shades or may even be completely new to MAC.

MAC Lipsticks

Honeylove, Velvet Teddy, Brave, Twig, Cosmo, Mehr, Mocha,

Taupe, Whirl, Verve, Studded Kiss

All my MAC lipsticks I have found to be long lasting and non-drying in any of the formulas. MAC always produce well pigmented lipsticks and they always have such a huge variety of options involving textures and shades.

Honeylove | Matte

Honeylove is actually my least favourite of my collection. It’s a very light, beige tone which looks beautiful in the package but is far too light for my skin tone when applied. I would say it’s a good go to nude for the right skin tone, but it’s a no go for me. I really should be chucking this one out, but I can’t quite bring myself to do it.

Velvet Teddy | Matte

So many MAC-lovers have this shade and I’m a huge fan of it. Velvet Teddy is a brown nude shade and is most likely to be my everyday shade out of all the lipsticks. It’s a fairly deep shade, but isn’t overwhelming and is perfect for all occasions.

Brave | Satin

Brave fits in nicely with my pink trend at the moment and I really love the shade. It’s a beautiful pink tone that although has a bit of pop to it, can be great for a more subtle look. I would highly consider wearing this or Mehr on my wedding day because it’s quite a “romantic” shade.

Twig | Satin

Arguably another staple in many MAC collections. Twig is a pinky-brown shade and is simply beautiful! Once again, not too in your face but really buildable and has the perfect kick of colour.

Cosmo | Amplified

Keeping with the pink shades (I clearly have a theme here) although very pretty, Cosmo is very similar to some of my other shades and I didn’t really need it. That being said, I will be keeping it as a good go-to back up for in my handbag.

Mehr | Matte

I love Mehr too much! It’s a beautiful deep pink shade and it’s another perfect daytime lipstick. I’d say it was just slightly darker to Brave, so if you like Brave but are looking for more of a matte finish, Mehr is for you.

Mocha | Satin

Diving into the more reddish shades now. Mocha is a perfect lipstick for those who like a reddish look whilst still maintaining hints of pink. It’s not too dark and dramatic, but still great for a dressy occasion or just an impacting everyday lipstick.

Taupe | Matte

Taupe is most likely the first MAC lipstick that I purchased. I  am quite a fan of the reddish brown shade and it really works as a matte finish. It particularly works well for the colder seasons.

Whirl | Matte

If ever there was a staple MAC lipstick, this could well be it (in my opinion). Whirl is a dark toned, stunning, pinky-brown shade and it has a lot of punch to it. I would repurchase this in a heartbeat and highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a lipstick with a bit of drama.

Verve | Satin

Verve is basically the twin of Whirl but in a satin finish. It’s very, very slightly pinker, but If it was a choice between the two, I would 100% go for Whirl.

Studded Kiss | Matte

Finally the last of my collection. Studded kiss is by far the most dramatic of all the lipsticks. This is an incredible red shade and I really want to love it. Here’s my issue, I haven’t had many opportunities where I felt this shade would be ideal. I do where other red lipsticks, but for some reason this one has always felt the most dramatic (other than my Jeffree Star reds) . I think I’m going to be getting more use out of this during the Christmas time, but until then I’m not quite sure.

MAC Lip Products

MAC Lip Pencils

Compared to lipsticks, my collection of pencils is pretty pathetic. I would get more and have my eye on a few, however it seems harder for me to justify £13 for a pencil. I will say that I like the texture of the formula, but I have found other pencils that I like just as much as MAC. Shades below:

MAC Pencils

Spice, Stripdown, Whirl

*MAC Prep and Prime lip primer

I don’t often use lip primers so I can’t really compare this to other products. I do really enjoy the texture of the Prep and Prime as it’s extremely silky, but I’m not too sure if it’s a necessity. I have worn lipstick with or without this and either way has worked fine (this goes for all lipsticks not just MAC). Is it worth the £14? For me probably not, but if you are really into lip primers, this could be one to try.

MAC Lipstick Matte - ThrowbacksMAC Cosmetics - Pencil Lip Liner 1.45GMAC Cosmetics - Prep + Prime Lip Base 1.7G

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