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Inside My Makeup Box : MAC Lip Products

Inside My Makeup Box : MAC Lip Products

In the last month I have been trying to organise my makeup storage and tackle a much needed clearout. There are tons of products that I haven’t touched in while but have been happily reminded of why I liked some of them so much. These products of course include my MAC lip products. Compared to many bloggers I probably don’t have much of a collection, but I was really surprised at the number of lipsticks I have collected over time. I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to have a bit of a swatch session for any of you who are looking for different MAC lipstick shades or may even be completely new to MAC.

MAC Lipsticks

*Honeylove, *Velvet Teddy, *Brave, *Twig, *Cosmo, *Mehr, *Mocha,

*Taupe, *Whirl, *Verve, *Studded Kiss


All my MAC lipsticks I have found to be long lasting and non-drying in any of the formulas. MAC always produce well pigmented lipsticks and they always have such a huge variety of options involving textures and shades.

Honeylove | Matte

Honeylove is actually my least favourite of my collection. It’s a very light, beige tone which looks beautiful in the package but is far too light for my skin tone when applied. I would say it’s a good go to nude for the right skin tone, but it’s a no go for me. I really should be chucking this one out, but I can’t quite bring myself to do it.

Velvet Teddy | Matte

So many MAC-lovers have this shade and I’m a huge fan of it. Velvet Teddy is a brown nude shade and is most likely to be my everyday shade out of all the lipsticks. It’s a fairly deep shade, but isn’t overwhelming and is perfect for all occasions.

Brave | Satin

Brave fits in nicely with my pink trend at the moment and I really love the shade. It’s a beautiful pink tone that although has a bit of pop to it, can be great for a more subtle look. I would highly consider wearing this or Mehr on my wedding day because it’s quite a “romantic” shade.

Twig | Satin

Arguably another staple in many MAC collections. Twig is a pinky-brown shade and is simply beautiful! Once again, not too in your face but really buildable and has the perfect kick of colour.

Cosmo | Amplified

Keeping with the pink shades (I clearly have a theme here) although very pretty, Cosmo is very similar to some of my other shades and I didn’t really need it. That being said, I will be keeping it as a good go-to back up for in my handbag.

Mehr | Matte

I love Mehr too much! It’s a beautiful deep pink shade and it’s another perfect daytime lipstick. I’d say it was just slightly darker to Brave, so if you like Brave but are looking for more of a matte finish, Mehr is for you.

Mocha | Satin

Diving into the more reddish shades now. Mocha is a perfect lipstick for those who like a reddish look whilst still maintaining hints of pink. It’s not too dark and dramatic, but still great for a dressy occasion or just an impacting everyday lipstick.

Taupe | Matte

Taupe is most likely the first MAC lipstick that I purchased. I  am quite a fan of the reddish brown shade and it really works as a matte finish. It particularly works well for the colder seasons.

Whirl | Matte

If ever there was a staple MAC lipstick, this could well be it (in my opinion). Whirl is a dark toned, stunning, pinky-brown shade and it has a lot of punch to it. I would repurchase this in a heartbeat and highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a lipstick with a bit of drama.

Verve | Satin

Verve is basically the twin of Whirl but in a satin finish. It’s very, very slightly pinker, but If it was a choice between the two, I would 100% go for Whirl.

Studded Kiss | Matte

Finally the last of my collection. Studded kiss is by far the most dramatic of all the lipsticks. This is an incredible red shade and I really want to love it. Here’s my issue, I haven’t had many opportunities where I felt this shade would be ideal. I do where other red lipsticks, but for some reason this one has always felt the most dramatic (other than my Jeffree Star reds) . I think I’m going to be getting more use out of this during the Christmas time, but until then I’m not quite sure.

Inside My Makeup Box : MAC Lip Products

MAC Lip Pencils

Compared to lipsticks, my collection of pencils is pretty pathetic. I would get more and have my eye on a few, however it seems harder for me to justify £13 for a pencil. I will say that I like the texture of the formula, but I have found other pencils that I like just as much as MAC. Shades below:

MAC Pencils

Spice, Stripdown, Whirl


*MAC Prep and Prime lip primer

I don’t often use lip primers so I can’t really compare this to other products. I do really enjoy the texture of the Prep and Prime as it’s extremely silky, but I’m not too sure if it’s a necessity. I have worn lipstick with or without this and either way has worked fine (this goes for all lipsticks not just MAC). Is it worth the £14? For me probably not, but if you are really into lip primers, this could be one to try.

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