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My Current Netflix Loves

Alot of conversations these days consist of “watching anything good on Netflix lately?” And I sure am!

My Current Netflix Loves


Who isn’t hooked on Riverdale? I was a little late to the party, but having watched the first episode randomly one night on Netflix, I was a goner. It took me about 3 days (maybe less) of binge watching the whole series and after getting that heartache feeling from running out of episodes, I started to watch the season again. This time I’m slowly pacing myself. I love the whole idea of Riverdale. The bitchiness, the mystery, the mentalness… Cole Sprouse. Especially Cole Sprouse actually. The whole story starts with the mysterious death of Jason Blossom. So If you want a new series to dive into with a bit of mystery and for some reason haven’t watched Riverdale, you need to check this out. I am eagerly waiting for season 2, especially after that whopper of a cliff hanger.

Pretty Little Liars

I am still watching season 6 and have somehow managed to avoid all spoilers about the finale. I may be deliberately trying to be slow at catching up, I just really don’t want it to end. Let’s face it, we all want to be like the girls on the show and the guys aren’t too bad either (bit of a theme here it seems). If you have never watched PLL, it focuses on the mysterious disappearance of a teenager whilst her friends are getting threatening messages from the unknown contact “A”. You soon find out a lot of shock-filled secrets and the seasons just get better and better. So hopefully I won’t be disappointed with the finale and I’m trying not to make any assumptions this time either. No spoilers please!

Project Runway

This for me is as close as I can get to Americas Next Top Model on Netflix. I love a show with challenges, especially involving fashion. I have never sat down to watch Project Runway until very recently and for some reason I started with season 7. Still great though and I love seeing what contestants create at the end of the episode. I of course naturally become a judge whilst watching the tv and love to cast my vote. Don’t we all? The aim of the game is for a group of aspiring fashion designers to complete a new challenge each day with various random specifications. At the end of the day each designer debuts their new design to be judged. Some designs are incredible and some are just hideous, but that’s why I find it so entertaining.

Gilmore Girls

An oldie but a godly. I have watched this for years and love it just as much as I did when I started. I had given the girls a lot of space for a year or two until the revival. I loved the revival! It gave me a boast to start the whole thing over again and I really hope that more episodes appear again in the future. Who knows what will happen for Rory after that bombshell!

Once Upon A Time

Calling all Disney fans.. you need to watch this! I can’t wait for the next season to start, so I keep refreshing myself with old episodes. I’m a little nervous (spoilers coming) to see how different the story is going to be especially as pretty much half the cast has been cut. Thank goodness Hook is still around! I can’t even imagine what’s to come in the next season and I really hope all the changes don’t result in the show being cancelled.

My Current Netflix Loves

What have you been watching lately?

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