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My Travel Bucket List : Must-Do Destinations

So many people have a travel bucket list and it got me thinking about all the places I one day want to explore. Here is my list and I’d love to know yours.

My Travel Bucket List : Must-Do Destinations
All Disney destinations
Anyone who knows me and my fiancĂ© know that we would jump at any opportunity to explore all of the Disney destinations around the world. I have been lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World (Florida) on a number of occasions and Disneyland Paris a good few times too. Ultimately I am desperate to see where it all started.. home of the mouse if you will. That place would be Disneyland (Anaheim) and this will hopefully come true within the next few years. Of course Tokyo Disney and Shanghai Disneyland etc are on our list because how cool would that be?! If I’m being totally honest though, close to the top of our Disney list is probably a Disney Cruise. Sailing the seas with pixie dust would just be a dream come true.

New York
I want to be apart of it, New York, New York! Maybe it’s just an obvious choice for most people to have on their bucket list, but I really do want to see what all the fuss is about. I would particularly be interested in exploring Broadway.. oh my would I be interested! Everyone has heard of New York so there has to be a reason why it’s so popular. Be it shopping, food, musicals.. I’m there!

My Travel Bucket List : Must-Do Destinations

When in Rome, more like when will I be in Rome? The history, the food.. especially the food, I just have to experience it for myself. To walk by the Colosseum would be amazing, but what I would love to do more than anything is just chill and eat gelato by the Trevi Fountain.

Mountain Lake Lodge
In Virginia there is a wonderful place called Mountain Lake Lodge and that is where Dirty Dancing (my all time favourite film) was filmed. I have no clue what’s around it, there could be nothing at all, but if only for a day I would love to see the location up close. And yes I would be quoting scenes at every given opportunity. I’d even try to find a watermelon given the chance. (I wonder how many people think I’m losing my mind right now)


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