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How To Wash Your Make-up Brushes

There are a million of ways you can wash your make-up brushes. Now days there are hundreds of cleaning products dedicated to make-up brushes that just keep popping up, from cleansing palettes to full-blown machines.. I’ve tried a fair few.

How To Wash Your Make-up Brushes

Personally I like love to use the *Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette (£11.75 and well worth it) and not just because I’m an avid fan of all of their beautiful products. Before I get ahead of myself, I will go through my whole process.

It took me awhile to work out how to clean my beauty blenders/*Miracle Complexion sponges. I have so many of these alone and I really am not fond of spending hours washing my brushes and sponges when I could be out or writing a post. What I found works best for me (and don’t judge me on the method) is to grab a large plastic bowl, fill with soapy warm water and soak my sponges for the duration of the time I take to clean my brushes. I just give them all a squeeze every now and then (naughty!) and leave them to rest.

Soap-wise, I have been known to use of course the *Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel (this isn’t even sponsored) which I love and wish they did a bigger bottle. If I run out, I grab a bottle of *baby shampoo. Now onto the brushes.. this can take me an absolute lifetime! I run the tap on warm and put a few drops of soap on the Brush Cleansing Palette. One of the best things about the palette is the hand strap underneath. Bloody genius! I wet my brush and gently scrub, circle, swirl.. all of that on the palette and rinse under the tap again. It’s so easy to use and the different shaped “studs” really get into them difficult clogged up areas. Foundation doesn’t stand a chance!

I am yet to find a brush that doesn’t do well with this palette, I’m always impressed. After the chore of washing every single brush in my collection (a combo of Real Techniques, Zoeva, NYX, Lottie London etc) I return to the task of sponges. At this point, all huge and puffed up after a soak. Once again I return to the tap and with a couple of drops placed directly onto the sponge, I squeeze a few times and rinse until no more soap appears. I spread out all my brushes and sponges onto a towel (preferably somewhere near sun light) and leave overnight.

How To Wash Your Make-up Brushes

I still recommend replacing your sponges every now and then just to be safe, but a good cleanse never hurts. In between a big brush cleanse, I like to use a spray brush cleaner which I spray directly onto the brush head and swirl on a flannel of kitchen roll. I am currently using the Sephora Citrus Brush Cleanser, which by the way smells delightful.

So there you have it, my method for a good brush cleansing session. What’s your process?

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