Joanie Clothing Wishlist

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I love a good nosey on the Joanie Clothing website and there are always a number of things I would love to buy. I thought I would put together a little wishlist to show you a few things I love and what’s on the website right now.



Sunday Mermaid Print Sun Dress (£38.00)

This isn’t a dress that I would usually pick up, perhaps a bit out there for me but for some reason I really like this print. I think the shape is flattering for a lot of body types and I can imagine this being the perfect dress for a summer get together.



Maurice Sleeveless Chambray Shirt Dress (reduced to £32.00)

I am really loving denim right now and this dress is right up my street. It’s the perfect casual dress with some additional cute swallow details on the collar. I feel so much more comfortable in a dress with a bit more length too, so this would be ideal.



Brett French Fries Beton Stripe Top (£28.00)

I have seen this top worn by so many people and can you really go wrong? I love fries and I love stripes so win, win! Paired with some jeans, a red lippy and some converses.. I’d be a happy girl.



Margot Brunch Club Tee – Grey (£18.00)

Who doesn’t like brunch?! Do I need to say anymore?



Britta My Oh My! Sweatshirt (£18.00)

Out of everything I think this is my favourite. It’s simple, it’s cozy and I’m all for comfort. I get cold all the time and this would be an absolute go-to for me. I also quite like the retro feel to this and I think I will really regret it if i don’t grab this at some point.


Gabrielle Petal Pocket Tee (£18.00)

I love a basic tee and this is just a a cute everyday T-shirt that I could totally benefit from. I love the floral details and my mum always called me petal growing up so I love it even more.


So that’s my Joanie list..what’s on yours?

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