Journal Entry No.1


So I’ve been thinking for awhile that I want to totally be able to put myself out there when it comes to my blog. I want to be a bit more relatable, a bit more chatty and I figured why not give this a go.

Blogging has pretty much taken over my life and I love it! I really enjoy planning posts, thinking up ideas and writing about the things I love.. or don’t love. I’m almost obsessed, but in a healthy way.. or atleast I hope a healthy way. I have been trying to up my game on Instagram and I’m alot happier with my theme thank goodness. Stats aren’t at the forefront of my mind as much and I have just been trying to focus on content, which is the way it should be right now. Also, our Disney blog has had a little makeover and it looks so much better. So relieved it’s been sorted out now.

I start a new job next week and I’m anxious to say the least, not necessarily about the job but driving. Why am I such a nervous driver?! Hopefully over time my driving confidence will grow, because right now it does hold me back a bit.

It’s been a busy week, mentally anyway. The wedding is officially a year away now so I have automatically started to panic that we won’t have everything done or will forget something. We are trying to book a meeting with the venue for a little “check-up” of sorts and we have finally sent out the Save The Date cards which are just perfect. Honestly I never thought the task of just sending cards in the post could be such a hassle. Making sure everyone is on the guest-list, everyone has been sent a card, has anyone moved house, are they still together, do we have all the addresses.. I’m glad it’s done for now. Planning a wedding is not easy! So glad we have family helping, which we couldn’t be more appreciative of.

Our honeymoon is all booked and we have been upgraded due to some over-booking, which initially I was a bit panicked about. Can’t complain as we are still staying at our favourite Disney hotel and we couldn’t be more excited to be going back home to Disney World. The countdown is on and couldn’t come fast enough.

Speaking of weddings, we are going to one this weekend and when you’re not feeling as body confident as you want to be, dressing up can be a bit of a nightmare. I praise those men and women who own their looks and ooze confidence. I’m still working on this.

So the next few weeks are going to take a lot of planning with blog posts and it’s going to be busy, but I’m pretty dedicated to making sure that my blog content stays consistent. Fingers crossed that all goes well and my positivity keeps rising.

Man, I fancy ordering a pizza right now!

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