Journal Entry No.2

The last week has been a hectic mix of many subjects. I have started my new job, which is going well so far. I am fairly comfortable in my role and feel like one of the team, so far so good. My anxiety when driving is gradually reducing which is my biggest surprise but I’m so thankful for it. I just hope it continues!

I’m trying to be as on top of blogging as I can be, but I’m thinking that my lunch breaks should be spent writing more content. I really don’t want to lose any momentum with blogging so I’m keeping motivated and making sure to keep up to date with other blogs and YouTube etc. Positivity is what I’m striving for right now! Thankfully there are some things I’m working on when it comes to the blog too so that’s keeping me excited.

More progress with wedding things! I really hadn’t given much thought about the process of preparing the legal documents for the wedding and although it wasn’t difficult, it was something else to add to the list and get done asap. So Jase and I had a meeting with a registrar to get our notice of marriage processed which involved a “non-scary” mini interview-style discussion individually. Basic questions about your personal details and some info about your partner.. nothing drastic but I wasn’t mentally prepared. We then had to go through paperwork at home regarding our vows, our ceremony location and music for the entire ceremony. Thankfully this is something (other than vows) that we had discussed ideas for already. This process also had a pretty hefty fee so be prepared if you are about to start planning your big day. Atleast that’s something else ticked off the list.

To be honest, I’m feeling really overwhelmed with planning. All the big things are booked, it’s trying to keep on top of the little things that is stressful. Making sure not to forget anything is a particular worry for me. We still have time atleast.

Yesterday I tried on some wedding rings, which I recommend to anyone before the time of physically buying a ring. I won’t be buying for another few months but I had no idea what band would suit my engagement ring and now I have a much better idea of what to look out for.

So that’s my week in a nut shell. A little bit of blogging, a new job and lots of wedding things. We also went to a wedding that although was lovely, made me nervous to think of walking down the aisle and speaking in front of a group of people. How has your week been? Anything exciting?

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