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Maple and Whisky Disney Inspired Candles

I’m an absolute self-confessed candle hoarder, but out of all my candles, Maple and Whisky are my fave. You all know by now that anything Disney is something I will obsess over and Maple and Whisky keep giving me more reason to spend my pennies on Disney-goodness. The addiction can’t be tamed and for good reason.

Maple and Whisky Disney Inspired Candles

Ever been to Disney World or any other Disney park and thought damn that smells soo good! Well them amazing smells have been locked up into little jars for you to enjoy in your own home. I love this brand so much that Jase and I wrote a review months and months ago on our Disney blog (link up top), but since then our collection has ever so slightly grown and I wanted to share my delight with all of you. Disney fans, don’t blame me for your soon to be lack of money.

First up, lets mention that Maple and Whisky are an Etsy shop and are based in the UK. They have a large and impressive variety candles of different sizes, room sprays, diffusers, tealights and wax melts.. something to suit everyone. For the most part we have stuck to candles and the odd spray, but in the future I will be grabbing a diffuser, because who doesn’t love a reed diffuser?

What’s in my collection? Let me tell you!

Philharmagic 8oz Candle (£7.50)

My favourite by far, the most delicious candle scent I have ever smelt and that’s saying something. Have you ever enjoyed Mickey’s Philarmagic so much that you wanted to keep watching it over and over again? This candle is a good alternative for when you’re at home, especially when you have Disney-blues. This candle is the exact scent in every way to that tasty looking apple pie that Donald gets his hands on (or wings?) during the Be Our Guest scene. Oh my does it smell magical! Sad fact.. I have watched Philharmagic on YouTube and lit the candle for added effect on a number of occasions and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Soarin 8oz Candle (£7.50)

Based on the original Soarin ride (before the update), this candle transports you back to hovering over the trees and orange groves whilst swinging your feet in the air. Ah good times. If you love a fresh, fruity (with a hint of wood) smell filling your home, this is perfect. It’s just like being back at Epcot. The candle options have changed slightly and Soarin is now renamed to “Over California” for old times sake, so relax!

Tomb Sweet Tomb 8oz Candle (£7.50)

Now I know this doesn’t sound like everyone’s ideal candle, but Jase and I are huge Haunted Mansion fans so this candle was a no brainer. The candle does have quite a musky smell to it so it may not be to everyone’s taste, but it does remind me of elements of the ride. I can easily picture the creepy halls and ballroom when lighting this up and strangely enough, it also has tiny elements that remind me of something from Lush. I could buy 999 of these and still have room for more (I really hope you got that reference!)

Animation Hall 12oz Candle (£10.50)

Our all time favourite hotel (Art of Animation) and we can’t wait to be back next year for our honeymoon! I bought this candle as soon as it appeared online and was far too excited. I even sized up to a 12oz for this one. The candle has a very tropical and fruity smell, which is just delicious. Does it remind me of the most amazing lobby? A little.. Sadly it wasn’t as transporting as we had hoped, however the candle does smell really good so it’s still something I light every now and then, it just wasn’t enough to trump Philharmagic.

Maple and Whisky Disney Inspired Candles

Main Street Popcorn 150ml Room Spray (£4)

For £4 the sprays are a bloody bargain! Everyone who goes to Disney recognises that glorious popcorn smell that just says “you’re home!” (The Disney-blues are catching up with me). For a spray, I was curious whether the smell would be as lasting and strong and my goodness it’s so spot on! You could spray this, close your eyes and poof you’re walking right down the middle of Mainstreet USA (I hope you get that reference too). Love this stuff!

So I will 100% be ordering some more in the future and have my eye on so many scents like Mickey Waffles, Tonga Toast, Lotso Hugs and tons more. Honestly these candles are just incredible and the perfect treat or even a gift for any Disney nut like myself.

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