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My September Goals

Arguably a little early, but I’m an organised soul and have been thinking a lot about what I want to achieve next month. Let’s face it, this month has gone incredibly quick (well I think so anyway) and we only have 5 days left of August! So whilst I’m trying to keep up my motivation and positive mood I thought I would go ahead and share my goals today… even if it is a little unconventional.

My September Goals

Continue to grow my Instagram

My Instagram has been a bit up and down lately. I’m finding it a bit more difficult finding “insta-piration” whilst I’m working long hours and I want my pics to be a bit more meaningful in places. I have settled on a theme and mastered hashtags (or so I think) so likes have been growing massively. I certainly want to continue to grow and work on what I’m putting out there over the next month. So stay tuned and check it out I you feel like a nosey.

Create a better blog routine

I have been pretty organised lately and 99% of the time I am writing content in advance, but there is the occasional slip where I have to set an alarm to ensure a post goes out at 10 every morning. This post for example has been written today and although I like writing in real-time, I have a slight OCD about ensuring my posts go out religiously at 10. I have tons of ideas and will be back on track this weekend, I just need to adjust my routine slightly. If you need tips or ideas for keeping on top of blog posts, take a look at this post. Just remember we are all human and sometimes life takes up time in other places.

Stay Positive

In yesterday’s post I talked about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and this has been starting to make an appearance a little early this year. I have made a lot of changes and big decisions lately and although perhaps a little overwhelming, they are all good. I have struggled in the past with a negative mindset (especially at the beginning of this year) and I have started to develop a much healthier and happier outlook on life. I am so determined to keep this going and push through life with a smile. *Gives herself an imaginary fist pump*

My September Goals

Eat Breakfast

Quite possibly the silliest sounding goal I know, but I find it so difficult remembering to eat breakfast. I think I have mentioned this before and I am still trying to work out a breakfast routine especially with different working hours. I think I would really feel the benefit of it and know it’s important to keep energy throughout the day. I just need to give myself a kick up the butt.

Boost my Bloglovin

When I signed up to Bloglovin I didn’t really know a huge amount about it. If I’m being completely honest, I set it up and checked it once a week if that. I now use it a lot more for reading other blogs and staying up to date but I don’t really promote my own blog. I will be working on this a bit more during September because it’s a really handy space for bloggers.

Stop Comparing myself to other bloggers

Confidence has never been my strong point and I have been trying desperately hard not to compare my blog and myself to others in the Bloggersphere. It is however a struggle at times and I know I’m not the only one. If you notice, on my blog and Instagram I have very few selfies or outfit posts and that’s not because I don’t want to show them, it’s purely down to lack of self-confidence. With the blogging scene being so popular (which is great!) it can be difficult putting out your content without having a small voice in your head tell you that someone has done something similar and done it 10 times better. I definitely don’t want this to hold me back so fingers crossed for more confidence this month and more content that pushes myself.

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