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Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover Review

Ever thought about the *Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover and wondered if it really is any good? Should I spend money on another product that doesn’t budge my stubborn mascara? The good news is, you won’t be disappointed with this make-up remover and I’m going to tell you why.

Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover Review

First off, even tough this product has been out for quite a while now I still feel the need to tell people about how effective the Nivea Double Effect really is. I have been using this for months on end and I can’t get over how well the formula works. This has been a much missed product when I have run out in the past and you know that has to be a good sign.

Make-up wise, I very rarely use a mascara that isn’t waterproof so budging the mascara at the end of the day can at times be a real chore. Not with this bad boy! With the Double effect I shake up the bottle to create a cool blue (almost bubbly) liquid and place a few drops onto a clean cotton pad. With a gentle, slow wipe motion my make-up practically dissolves and the cotton pad will be covered. I do this twice on each eye.. maybe once more for big make-up days and I am always left with great results.

Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover Review

The formula is a fairly oily but very gentle liquid and I honestly am surprised that my eyes don’t feel rough or irradiated by how much product is wiped away in one go. I also have very sensitive skin and eyes and this is still a winner for me. A 125ml bottle is just under £4 and will last, so don’t worry. Mascara doesn’t stand a chance!

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