What’s In My Bag?



Posts like these have been around forever and having just had a clearout of my old bag to make way for my work bag, I thought now would be a good time to do this post. So what’s in my bag, a heck lot more than I probably need, but here it is.

My Purse

There’s nothing really in my purse, but it’s always good to keep around for ID and my trusty Boots card. I’ve had this particular purse for a while now and I love it, it’s a Minnie Mouse Loungefly design and suits my Disney obsession perfectly.

Car Keys

Complete with Disney key-rings of course. Kinda need these if I’m going to be going anywhere.

House Keys

Also self-explanatory I would say.

Note Book and Pen

As I’ve mentioned before, I always seem to think of blog ideas when I’m out and about. I keep a notebook and pen for these random ideas because my memory can’t always be trusted and I don’t want to forget anything. I’m also quite the list maker.


I can’t live without my phone as sad as it is.

MAC Lipstick

When it comes to work I tend to use a MAC lipstick for ease. Recently I have been using the shade Brave which is a beautiful pink tone with a satin finish. I think this is an ideal shade for work and not too dramatic. Swatches here.


It’s a rare occasion for me not to have some sort of minty product in my bag. I hate not having fresh breath and right now I have a pack of Tic Tacs and an adorable Minnie Mouse tin of mints that I picked up in Disneyland Paris (the mints are shaped like Minnie and Mickey!).

ESPA Nourishing Lip balm

When my lips feel chapped or a bit dry I like to have a balm handy. This one is quite thick and really works well at restoring. A much needed item during the Winter months.

Mini Hairspray

Because my hair is so thick, it can be a bit of a hassle trying to keep it back when needed. I keep a small bottle of TRESemm’e Salon Finish firm hold hairspray with me just in case I’m nearing a hair disaster.

Victoria’s secret Fragrance Mist

Oh my goodness these sprays smell amazing! I love these for any occasion and for work, they are just so convenient. I am using Rush right now which is a sweet, floral scent but not too overpowering. I have a couple of bottles at the moment and they really do last. Well worth a purchase.

Tesco Sensitive Anti-Perspirant Deodrant

I am that girl who checks on a regular basis that I’m not starting to smell abit funky during the day. I am also allergic to most deodorants which is incredibly annoying! Thankfully Tesco’s own brand seems to work well for me and has been a life saver. They are also incredibly cheap at 80p a bottle. This means I can bulk up and always have one in my bag.

Carex Moisture Plus Hand gel

I always, always, always have a hand gel on me. I can be a slight germophobe and this is a need at many times. I also like this particular formula as my hands don’t dry out and still feel soft.


Because you never know when you are about to have a sneezing fit.

Sanitary Towels

Because needs must..  and I do not class this as a “luxury item”!

Nail File

Right now my nails are rather weak and break easily. If I didn’t have a file, my nails would be in a terrible state.

Eyebrow Pencil

Just a cheap brown pencil, but I can’t be the only one who gets paranoid that her brow is rubbed off after forgetting your wearing makeup and itching your face. Am I?

Compact Mirror

To ensure that my eyebrows have not rubbed off and my lipstick is not on my teeth.

Spare Hairbands, Hair Slides and a Mini Hairbrush

Girls with thick hair need back-up!






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