10 Blog Post Ideas For When You Need Some Inspiration


We all struggle with lack of inspiration at times and we want to be proud of the content we share. If you’re looking for a bit of a nudge or some ideas, here’s a list that I hope will help.


1. What’s in my makeup bag?

Share the contents of your everyday makeup bag and let readers know what you like to use on a daily basis.


2. Monthly favourites

I, like so many others love a good nosey at what products have been a hit over the last month. Many times I’ve been swayed into buying a product after reading another blogger’s post.


3. What’s my go-to fragrance right now?

This could stem from my own interests, as I’m always on the hunt for a good perfume to try out.


4. My goals for the next ___

However long you decide is completely up to you, but talking about your own goals can be surprisingly motivating for your readers.


5. Products I’m loving

Because we all love a reason to go shopping.


6. Products I wish I didn’t buy

I love to the honesty of these posts and it’s really refreshing to see bloggers aren’t promoting products unless they really do enjoy using them.


7. Share a memory

Post’s like this give readers a better idea of who you are. Let people get to know the person behind the posts.


8. What have I learnt from blogging

Whether you are old or new to the “Blogging scene”, sharing what you have learnt can help others relate to you and your content.


9. Hauls

It’s not to everyone’s taste but show us what you have purchased lately. Be it homeware, beauty.. anything! We are curious creatures.


10. Blogging help

The Bloggersphere is 99% of the time a friendly place and bloggers like to stick together. So help where you can by sharing your favourite templates or photography tips etc. Readers really do appreciate it.


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