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10 Things Before I’m 24

It’s my birthday coming up (well next month.. but I get excited) and I have been thinking a lot lately about what goals I want to achieve in the next year before I turn 24. I don’t usually set goals before birthdays but it’s something that I want to start doing to keep me feeling positive. So after a lot of thought, here’s 10 things I am determined to achieve before I turn 24.

10 Things Before I'm 24

Buy a house

This is one of the biggest tasks I am setting myself (and fiancé). To finally get the keys to our own little space would be amazing and although it’s not easy these days to buy a house, I’m sure going to get there!

Get married

The date is set and I’m getting incredibly nervous as every month goes by. I can’t wait to be married but the thought of everyone staring at me is pretty daunting. I just hope everything goes to plan.

Become a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Holder

Because Disney World isn’t close enough for an annual pass and we do love Disneyland Paris for mini breaks. Disney make the most magical places.

Still be blogging

I’m really proud of my blog so far and I have so many plans for it. I hope it continues to grow over the next year and I still enjoy writing as much as I do now.

Get a dog

This has been a goal dream for me since I was a child. I yearn for a fluffy companion to keep me company.

10 Things Before I'm 24

Master baking brownies

I have no idea what I do wrong but I love brownies and it’s essential that I master making them. Goodbye to plain old chocolate cake.. I want tasty, gooey, chocolatey brownies!

Be a less anxious driver

I have talked about this before and I’m on my way to achieving it. I would love to let go of anxiety and just move on.

Feel more body confident

Another topic I have recently mentioned here. I applaud the people who love their bodies and I want to be one of them.

Upgrade the Disney blog

If you didn’t know already, Jase and I run a Disney blog and I would love to upgrade it abit here and there over the next year. Even if it is just a hobby.

Make a home

It’s all very well having a house, but we have been waiting so long that I’m determined to make it a home from the get go. A happy home for happy memories.


Is your birthday coming up? I would love to know what’s on your goal list.

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