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5 Accessories You Need At Any Disney Park

Being a self-confessed “over-packer” for any and all Disney holidays, I have been trying to list my absolute essentials for my park bag. It may sound a bit odd but these five things could make a big difference to your Disney experience especially if you wouldn’t mind some extra magical moments throughout your stay.

5 Accessories You Need At Any Disney Park

Minnie Ears/ Disney Hats

Whether you buy them from the park, buy customised ones or make your own… ears are a must. I have a rather large collection of custom ears and not only do other guests and cast members comment on them, I’ve also had some great character interactions because of them. When we were last in Disneyland Paris, Chip and Dale (my absolute favourite characters) loved my ears that were of course themed after them. It was the best meet and greet and now I have photos of Dale trying them out for size. Honestly I bring four or five to the park and switch them up for character meets and parades. It’s so worth it! So definitely consider wearing ears or a Disney hat. You won’t regret it and everyone does it.


Disney just love helping guests celebrate special occasions or even just your first visit. So when you are next in the parks, go and pick up a free badge from the “badge stand” or Guest Relations. Cast Members and characters will certainly react when they see you are celebrating something special. From all of Tomorrowland singing happy birthday, to Goofy looking at your engagement ring. It’s a small touch (for free) that makes a big memory.


The variety of Disney pins out there is just incredible so it’s no wonder Disney guests enjoy pin trading so much. If you didn’t know already, guests can take a pin from their own collection and trade with a cast member. So take some spare pins with you if you feel like hunting around for something different, or even just add them to your outfit for some extra pixie dust.

5 Accessories You Need At Any Disney Park


Now I know you are thinking that this is a silly thing to put on my list but there is a reason. Of course some Disney characters are more mischievous than others (like Chip and Dale, Tweedledee and Tweedle Dum, Stitch etc) and during the odd character meet you may end up with messy hair. My previous experiences include Dale trying on my Minnie ears, Lilo unclipping many of my hair clips (I was a lot younger), Pluto patting my head and a lot more. It’s all good fun but you may need to brush your hair in time for the next photo.

Portable phone charger

This is just obvious right? If you are going to take a ton of photos and videos (and why wouldn’t you?) You may need to charge your phone during a long day at the parks. You can’t Instagram magical moments if your phone is dead right?

So there you have it, that’s my list. What’s on yours?

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