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5 Places You Need To Visit In Disneyland Paris

If you have been following the blog recently, you would have probably seen a similar post relating to Walt Disney World (the link is here if you are interested). Although Walt Disney World is considered our “home parks”, we (Jase and I) still have a special place in our hearts for Disneyland Paris. If you are planning a trip to this magical destination, I urge you to visit these wonderful “non-ride” locations.

5 Places You Need To Visit In Disneyland Paris

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Yes it’s obvious but this park icon really does hold some hidden gems and you will kick yourself if you miss them. Did you know that you can explore the castle grounds and journey through the story of Sleeping Beauty? Pretty cool right? You can even wander out onto the balcony and overlook Fantasyland. It’s simply beautiful inside, but if you want to see something a little more “villainous”, why not take a stroll into the dark depths underneath the castle? You may just find yourself a dragon.

Disneyland Hotel

The most beautiful, picturesque hotel and you see it before even scanning your tickets. We are yet to stay at this incredible hotel but what a dream it would be. If you don’t feel like exploring inside the hotel, be sure to at least take time out to explore the outside. It’s so magical and calming no matter what the weather. It’s also the perfect location for some essential Instagram snaps.

The Disney Gallery

Located at Disney Village is one of the best Disney shops of all time (well, atleast I think so). I am forever looking at figurines and art prints when it comes to Disney and this shop quickly became a daily obsession on our last trip. I ended up making a bit of splurge purchase but I don’t regret it for a second. If you are looking for a little Disney magic to add to your home, go and visit this store!

5 Places You Need To Visit In Disneyland Paris

The Ratatouille Area of Walt Disney Studios

This area may not be on everyone’s list and although I am not mentioning rides on this post too much, the Ratatouille ride is an absolute must! Back onto the area.. It may not be the biggest Disney location, but the themeing of this area is just incredible day or night. Even if you are just passing by, take a moment to appreciate the decor because it is the most ideal looking place and I could sit there for hours just watching the world go by.

Alice’s Curious Labyrinth

It’s not technically a ride so I’m putting it on my list. A giant Wonderland-themed maze is not just for children you know! It’s surprising how a simple adventure (like a maze) can cause so much laughter. You can see familiar faces along the way and if you have managed to keep your head.. and haven’t gone mad, you can visit the queen’s castle and get back in time for a cup of tea.

Have you been to Disneyland Paris? What are your favourite and magical places to visit? If you want to see some of my Disneyland Paris photos from a past trip, take a look at this.

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