Beauty Brands I’m Yet To Try

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As obsessed as I am with makeup, there are still some beauty brands that I haven’t been fortunate enough to try out yet. i have a long list of brands I’m desperate to experience for myself, but for now I’m narrowing that list down to only a few.


Why do so many people swear by Colourpop eyeshadows? Curiosity had definitely consumed me and I need to know! Their products have been greatly praised for their quality and I’m amazed at how reasonable their prices are. There are so many shade options for countless products and I am so eager to try them all out. So what’s been holding me back? Shipping costs to the UK. Has anyone made a purchase to the UK? I would love to hear all about it. One day Colourpop, I’m coming for ya!

Kylie Cosmetics

Am I the only one who hasn’t tried any of Kylie’s products yet? It certainly feels like it. For much the same reason as Colourpop, I haven’t plunged into making a purchase from Kylie Cosmetics due to shipping, but believe me I want to. Will this brand ever grace the UK? If only! I have no doubt that the matte lip kits are worth every penny, but now I’m also tempted by the Kylighters and eyeshadow palettes. The list just keeps on growing.

Fenty Beauty

With so much attention on this new brand right now, I am more curious than ever to explore the Fenty products. I have seen mixed reviews but I think I’m going to take the chance fairly soon and grab a foundation. 40 shades of foundation? RiRi did good and it’s about time the beauty industry considered more skin tones instead of your typical “7 shades to suit everyone “. I’m not going to lie, I’m also really intrigued by the Pro Filt’r Instant retouch Primer and I’m never this fussed by a primer! Have you tried anything from the Fenty brand yet?


I’m saving diving into Tarte products until I visit Sephora next year in Orlando. I have made a big list of what I would love to try and have been reading countless reviews on foundations, palettes, lipsticks.. just everything really. I can’t wait to finally pick up some bits and who knows, maybe by then some new best sellers will be up for offer. Any recommendations?

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