Best Face Scrub For Spot Prone Skin

Neutrogena Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub

Little fact about me, I am the world’s worst for looking after my skin. Other than a makeup remover treatment before I go to bed and an occasional mask, I can be pretty lazy with skin care. Don’t get me wrong I love skincare products, but sometimes forcing myself to have a deep face cleanse is a bit of a chore. Terrible I know.

A few months ago I started having some annoying breakouts, which is something that I have fortunately never really suffered with. I think a combination of stress, poor diet and more stress had taken a toll on me and my skin basically said “sod this, I’ve had enough”.

During my search for a miracle spot remover I picked up the *Neutrogena Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub and although it isn’t quite a miracle, it’s not far off. I have since repurchased this scrub which is bloody huge for me so it must be good.

This scrub is a fresh-smelling, silky light formula that glides on so easily without feeling at all rough or invasive on your skin. A tiny amount can cover the whole face with no need to scrimp or miss out on any areas and above all (in my opinion) washes off without having to scrub vigorously for minutes on end. I really enjoy using this scrub and having such sensitive skin is no issue for this product. A massive bonus! I am always left feeling fresh after every use and my breakouts clear up pretty quickly in the next day or two.

The idea of a scrub always put me off until now. I loathe the idea of scratching my face to bits for the sake of clearing breakouts and thankfully this was never the case with the Stress Control Daily Scrub. So if you are like me and want a scrub that works whilst still feeling gentle, you can pick up a bottle for £3.69 which is worth every penny and may just become a staple to your skincare routine.


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