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I’m Talking About Body Confidence

This is one of those posts that I have been wanting to write for awhile now, but finding the words to do this huge subject any justice has proved to be rather difficult.

I’m Talking About Body Confidence

My personal body confidence has been rapidly dissolving over the last few years and this mainly stems from the changes my body has gone through during growth. Changes that naturally happen to the majority of people. I use to be a fairly slim size 8 who wouldn’t have even muttered the words “problem areas” and now I’m a size 12 who wore jeans and leggings for the whole duration of a very hot Florida holiday because I felt too self-concious after seeing a photo of myself in shorts. I regret taking on this mind set, but it’s very easy to fall into for not just myself but a lot of people of all genders.

I’m not saying at all that my size is too big or too small, my point comes down to the fact that I have seen changes and that can be distressing to all people whether its about gaining weight, losing weight, developing skin marks etc. I do fully believe that all body types are unique and beautiful, so why don’t we celebrate this? With so much in the media regarding weight and the “perfect body”, it’s really no wonder why so many individuals (including myself) feel too self-concious to wear certain clothes or put themselves out there the way they want to. Perhaps things are starting to improve, but will there ever be a time where magazines, adverts and all other areas of the media will stop over-editing and be realistic about the image they put out?

“Problem areas”, we all have them! Even if you think someone else is perfect, they very rarely feel the same way. We need to stop putting pressure on ourselves and others to look a certain way! The “perfect body” doesn’t exist, but we can promote a healthy and realistic image instead. “Problem areas” is a term I loathe yet I find myself using it all the time. I can put my hands up and very nervously admit that I have stretch marks, my belly wobbles when I sit down, my chin practically doubles at certain angles and my thighs (oh the thighs!) rub together constantly. All of these problems happen to other people too, so why should I feel the need to hide them?

A couple of weeks ago I walked out of Newlook in tears because I couldn’t bare my appearance in any of the outfits that I tried on and in Matalan my jeans ripped when I was changing. Things like these 100% ruin my day.. maybe even longer but why do I let it? It so easy for us to put ourselves in an un-healthy mindset and judge instead of celebrate. As a society we should be promoting a healthy and realistic body image. Enough with the constant photoshopping! I praise the magazines who use models of all sizes and barely edit images.

I will be making more of an effort to tell myself that I have areas that I like or even love about myself and will try to embrace my body for what it is. I need to stop comparing myself to everyone else and will not let my own or anyone else’s judgement drag me down. I hope that any of you who feel the same will join me in surrounding yourself with positivity. We are unique and beautiful so let’s support eachother and make a change.

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