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My Favourite Films For A Cosy Night In

I’m already longing for Friday night, especially with the colder weather making an appearance. I’ve always been more of a home soul and nothing makes me happier than watching a few movies under a thick blanket with a hot chocolate in hand. But what to watch? Here are my go-tos.

My Favourite Films For A Cosy Night In

Dirty Dancing

My all time favourite film and a classic at that. If you haven’t watched this.. shame on you. I could watch this on repeat and listen to the soundtrack all day. The plot of the film involves young female “Baby” who is on holiday with family when she falls for the popular dancer Johnny. Predictable? Perhaps but still amazing and who doesn’t love that iconic final dance?

Peter Pan

Being the biggest Disney fan, its only right that I mention a Disney classic. Peter Pan is just so special to me and reminds me of many happy memories at the Disney Parks. We all know the story of Peter Pan and I don’t think this will ever get old. I’m still waiting for Tinker Bell to turn up at my window one day.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Nothing like the previous two films but my goodness what a film! It’s random, it’s quirky and it’s bloody unique for sure. If I said guys in stockings, the Time Warp and Meatloaf, you would think I’m crazy but give it a chance is all I can say. This film also has an awesome soundtrack.


This is probably a really weird choice for most people but I love it no matter how much it makes me cry. It really makes me ball my eyes out and that right there is a sign of a great film. Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck.. it’s bound to be an epic film. Perfect for any space fan and a film that really draws you in.

Pitch Perfect

The Pitch Perfect films are just so easy to watch and totally hilarious. I love a bit of singing in a film so this is just my ideal selection. Let’s face it Rebel Wilson is just an excuse on her own to watch it, she’s amazing!

My Favourite Films For A Cosy Night In

The Breakfast Club

Because it kinda links to Pitch Perfect. I loved this film from the day I watched it and it’s not just your typical teen film. The characters are a perfect mix of every social group you find in school and it’s just an epic film to chill out to.

So there you have it, my top films for a cosy night in. Let’s just hope Friday comes around quickly!

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