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The Body Shop’s Amazonian Saviour Review

A few weeks back I came across an Instagram post from The Body Shop that mentioned the Amazonian Saviour. I’m not usually one to immediately want to buy something because of Instagram, but this occasion was a little different.

The Body Shop's Amazonian Saviour Review

I visited The Body Shop store in search of the product, had a great customer service experience and also qualified for a free shower gel. Win win! So what does the Amazonian Saviour actually do? It’s basically a light balm that improves the appearance of skin marks and tattoos. For me personally, I picked this up to maintain my tattoo’s colour and keep it looking fresh. If you want to know more about my first tattoo experience, click here.

I use a very small amount of this balm once a day and I just love it. A little goes a long way so I can see this lasting me a lifetime before having to re-purchase. And yes I probably would repurchase. My tattoo is feeling and looking really healthy and I really can’t complain. The balm is deeply moisturising and although takes a little time to soak in completely, it’s not at all tacky or sticky. Thank goodness!

I think it’s too early for me to comment on the actual colour of my tattoo because it’s still fairly new. I would be willing to bet that the balm helps maintain the colour over time though. I can’t necessarily say how well the effects are on other skin marks, but I have seen many good comments since looking on The Body Shop website.

A balm costs £9 for a 50ml tub and I think it’s totally worth it if you want to keep your tattoo looking fresh. I love it and think you would too.

The Body Shop’s Amazonian Saviour Review

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  1. Morgan
    May 3, 2018 / 3:08 pm

    Great post! Do you know if this product is okay for healing, fresh tattoos?

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