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3 Lush Products For People Who Love Sweet Scents

I can’t even tell you how long it has been since I had a good look around the Lush store. That collection of gorgeous smells as you walk in.. I live for it! I picked up a few bits recently on a spontaneous visit and it quickly came to my attention that I am a hoarder for bath products with extremely sweet smells. If you are like me and adore a sweet scent, you might want to pick up these for your next pamper session.

3 Lush Products For People Who Love Sweet Scents

The Comforter Bubble Bar
Let’s start with a fan favourite and a well known product from the store. The Comforter Bubble Bar oozes with the most amazing, strong aroma of berries. The bar easily creates sweet bubbles by crumbling small amounts of the bar under a running tap and my goodness will this be a luxurious bath to enjoy. This is easily one of my Lush favourites and when it looks like a giant sweet, what’s not to love? A bar costs £4.95 and can be used for a number of baths. Well worth every penny and perfect for an hour of relaxation.

Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb
I love seeing Snow Fairy on the shelves and very nearly picked up a bottle of the shower gel until I locked my eyes on this beautiful bath bomb. Not only does it give off that perfect Snow Fairy scent that we all know and love, it now sits as a shimmery ball of pink goodness ready for a bath lover to enjoy. I can’t wait to see this in all its glory when it hits the water. I wonder what colours will appear? Although I will still be grabbing a shower gel very soon, I just couldn’t pass up on a opportunity to grab it in a bath bomb form. Candy floss and bubblegum hints for £4.95. Bargain!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
I’m just loving bubble bars right now and this was far too tempting. These tiny pink and white swirled mountains smell of … well of course sweets! I could almost eat this, but I won’t because that bad boy is going to make many bath-times feel like heaven. They just look and smell magical.. almost Christmasy and that right there is enough reason to grab one. This treat creates pink tinted water and I am so up for that! Another product I’m dying to crumble up and enjoy. £3.25! Why didn’t I grab more?!

Are you tempted to buy some Lush goodies? I’m tempted to run a bath!

3 Lush Products For People Who Love Sweet Scents

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