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The Makeup Sponge You Need To Try

I have never been so surprised at my own blog post, but here it is. Having tried out countless variations of beauty sponges, I have only ever been impressed by the extremely hyped *Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. A hype that is very well deserved.

The Makeup Sponge You Need To Try

My fiancé purchased a ton of goodies from Sephora for my recent birthday and one of them products happened to be the *Don’t Be Square makeup sponges. The product includes 4 sponges in total, 2 round and 2 tear drop shapes. All of which are infused with charcoal to keep bacteria reduced. This is a concept that I love! Why don’t all sponges use this method?

These sponges are best used for blending liquid and cream products and of course create best results when damp. I have tried these sponges only a handful of times but was far too surprised and impressed to not share my thoughts.

First off, the sponges are all incredibly soft and gentle to use. This doesn’t take away from the impact and finish the sponges achieve when applying foundations. Using patting motions is the way to go and these sponges achieve the most flawless coverage. Blending has never been so easy and the tear drop shaped sponges in particular easily blend more difficult areas.

The Makeup Sponge You Need To Try

Since using these I have barely looked at my Miracle Blenders and that is a huge shift for me and my makeup routine. The impressive qualities of these sponges are endless including being reusable, washable, charcoal infused and although this isn’t definitive proof.. my skin has been feeling incredibly soft and healthy since using.

I couldn’t possibly be anymore impressed if you couldn’t tell already. Good news for UK makeup lovers… Sephora does ship to the UK and postage is easy to calculate via the website. Sponges are $8 and are a “must try product”.



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