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4 Pressures Of Blogging

Whoever said that blogging was easy, was lying. Surely it’s just a bit of writing?! There is a lot more thought and effort that goes into the whole blogging process that some people wouldn’t even think of. There are so many examples of the different pressures of blogging, but for now I’m just sharing four with you.

4 Pressures Of Blogging

Consistency is something that I really pride myself for when it comes to blogging. Whether you decide on posting once a week, three times a week, more or less, it’s totally up to you, but make sure you stick to a routine. Being consistent is always the best strategy for encouraging readers to come back. How will anyone know when to visit your blog for new content if you only decide to post when you feel like it? Of course there may be subscribers who will receive alerts, but do you really think all of your readers are subscribers? So even if you don’t quite feel like it (we all feel like that sometimes), encourage yourself to get motivated and post on a regular basis for a better relationship with your readers. They will appreciate it.

It can be difficult to get a good balance between writing about what you want to share and what others want to read. It’s important to always stay true to yourself and share the content that you feel proud of, because if you don’t, it will show your writing style. Don’t be fooled, your writing style and interests will not be everyone’s cup of tea but your posts will appeal to at least someone out there. It’s better to have a few readers who you can connect with, than tons who have no similar interests. Everyone has different interests and your blog will soon find your match of readers who enjoy the same things as you. If you don’t like cars, don’t write about them regardless of how popular that subject might be. It’s much better to write about the things you love and show passion for your content.

I hate to say it, but I can be a real sucker for judging a website or blog for its overall image. A bit judgemental I know. I much prefer a professional and clear layout before diving into a good read. I’m sure I’m not the only one and it’s good to keep in mind that templates, photography and fonts are the first things readers will notice when visiting your blog. If your layout is unclear or is overly complicated to navigate, you are more likely to send readers away. So make sure that your blog’s image is going to draw some positive attention to the posts that you have taken so much time to write. After all that’s the purpose of having a blog right?

4 Pressures Of Blogging

Keeping on top of new and exciting ideas is always a tricky task. We all go through phases of having tons of ideas or no ideas at all. As humans we don’t always feel 100% motivated so it can be difficult at times to feel inspired enough to write something amazing. The next time you read another blog, take some time to appreciate the variety of post subjects that have been thought about. Bloggers tend to plan a lot more than you realise before even putting pen to paper. Ideas don’t always come from thin air.

Are you a blogger? Do you agree?

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