A Birthday Weekend

It’s not often I spend a weekend celebrating my birthday, but this year I’ve been able to take a long weekend (4 days off to be exact) and it’s been great. Now, in all honesty I’m not too fussed by my own birthday anymore. As I get older it just seems to feel a bit less of a celebration, maybe that’s just me.

This year I was determined to embrace the day and do something instead of celebrating at home. My adventure included a close up of a giraffe’s feeding time, a first trip to Wagamama and an evening with family for takeout. Sounds pretty dreamy to me and it was.

Seeing giraffes up close was just amazing. What incredible animals and so beautiful. It was so impressive seeing them up close considering their height. If you get to see them during their meal times, enjoy but be aware of slobber. Who knew?!

You can’t truly celebrate an occasion without family can you? Even the most chilled plans together make birthdays feel more special and I’m so glad we were able to group together. You can’t go wrong with takeout can you.

So as it happens, this birthday turned out to be pretty good. I wonder what next year will bring.


    • holly
      October 23, 2017 / 9:43 am

      Thank you. It was a great experience x

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