A Sunday Chat

Time for a chatty post. Perfect for a chilled Sunday right? I can’t believe it’s October already. I love this month! I have my birthday to look forward to and of course Halloween. One thing I have not been loving so much however, is the weather. It’s been a little rainy, a bit windy and it gets dark early. I swear I only see daylight when I’m at work. This makes taking blog photos a lot more difficult too which has been no picnic.

In general I have been feeling a bit stressed about blogging. I still love it of course but after long working days, it can be a bit difficult trying to get motivated. Still keeping up with daily posts though (Pat on the back to myself). This last week I have tried to be a bit more productive with lots of different things. I have made a better blog plan, a long list of bookmarked articles to read, cleaned out the wardrobe (at long last) and managed to grab a few essentials for work.

I know it’s Halloween this month and as much as I love it.. I’ve been getting more excited for Christmas. Some argue it’s too soon but I’m like a child when the advent calendars start to appear in the shops! I just can’t help it! And I have so many things to look forward to next year. I have started the big Christmas shop in the hopes of being organised this year.. let’s see how that goes.

I can’t be the only excited one right?

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