Barry M Liquid Chrome Drop Highlighter Drops Review

Barry M liquid Chrome Drop Highlighter Drops
Everyone’s been going mad for highlighters lately and Barry M have just brought out a liquid highlighter to change up the game. I must admit, I am far more comfortable using powdered products but I thought I’d brave it for this new product.

Let’s be honest, the bottles looked far too pretty to pass up and yes that is one of my biggest prompts for purchasing. Is that so wrong? Barry M have included 5 beautiful metallic shades in this range which explore rose gold, bronze, silver, gold and pearlescent tones. All equally stunning but on this occasion I opted for Moon Potion which is a gorgeous pearl shimmer with hints of subtle blue tones.

Barry M Liquid Chrome Drop Highlighter Drops

The texture of the drops is extremely silky but dries quickly after application. I am really enjoying the overall glow to the formula and yes it is noticeable which is what you want from a highlighter right? I will say that blending the product takes a little more effort than using a powder form but it’s not enough to put me off. Each bottle costs a very reasonable £6.99 and I’m highly considering picking up another shade to try out.

Have you tried out these drops of shimmery goodness yet?


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