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My Go-To Fragrance Mist

I’m not going to lie, I stopped using body mists years ago, mainly down to the fact that any cheaply priced spray took me back to my school days where all the girls (myself included) would spray half a can of Charlie or Impulse after PE. I moved onto slightly pricier fragrances in fancy bottles and never looked back. That is until the last year or so when I came across the amazing range of *fragrance mists by Victoria’s Secret.

My Go-To Fragrance Mist

Victoria’s Secret offers a huge variety of sprays and although I have tried out a couple, Rush seems to be my go-to right now. I must spray this constantly at work and on quick trips out, every time I spritz.. someone compliments me. I can see why (big headed much?) because this spray smells amazing.

Rush in particular is a sweet, fresh and fruity smell that isn’t too overpowering. My perfect spray fragrance! I feel like it fits everyday regardless of the occasion and for a bottle that has been used so many times everyday for months, it is still going strong.

A 250ml bottle costs £12 and I believe the Victoria’s Secret store often have offers for buying more than one spray at a time (just don’t quote me on that). With every fragrance I have tried from the store, I have become more and more obsessed. Who wouldn’t? I will 100% be picking up so many more very soon. It really is the perfect mist.

My Go-To Fragrance Mist

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