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NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review

The *NYX Total Control Drop Foundation has been a foundation that I’ve been after for the longest time. A couple weeks ago I finally came across one in the Boots store and I grabbed it immediately hoping it would be one of my newest go-to daily foundations.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review

Need help finding your shade? This might help

I have seen so many conflicting opinions about this particular foundation and I was desperate to try it out for myself. After a couple of swatches I came to the conclusion that the shade Vanilla was best suited for my skin tone (I also found this to be my likely match online). Thankfully the shade proved to be a good suit. They applicator for this foundation is of course a “dropper”, which although is easy to use, I personally prefer a pump. Still I can’t really complain. I find it much easier placing the drops directly onto a brush rather than on the face as this reduces levels of mess (and it can get very messy). Just keep it in mind before you go a bit wild. For such a watery formula I was really pleasantly surprised with how impressive the coverage is. Only a couple of drops are needed and the finish feels and looks beautifully matte and velvety.

Every time I have used the foundation, I have found it to be really long-lasting and incredibly comfortable. The only tiny complaint (if you can call it that) is that I found the bottle to be a lot smaller than I anticipated it would be. Each bottle contains 13ml of foundation for £14, which may not be the best value for money compared to other high street foundations. On the plus side the foundation does come in a wide range of shades, something that is hugely important these days, especially since Fenty has recently shown it can be done.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review

I wouldn’t say I’m totally overwhelmed by the foundation but I am pleased I gave it a try. I would quite happily wear this on a daily basis but the only thing that stops me from thinking I would re-purchase instantly is the quantity of foundation that you get from one bottle. Who knows maybe NYX will create a larger bottle but for now I won’t hold my breath.

Have you tried the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation yet? I would love to know what you thought.

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