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Sephora Green Tea Micellar Water Review

As I’m such a fan of the *Garnier Micellar Water (like many of you), I never thought I would be so impressed with any other brand. I’ve been casually trying out the *Sephora Green Tea Micellar Water and realised that my Garnier bottle hasn’t been touched since. Something I never expected to happen. It’s obvious that I have been impressed with Sephora products lately but I’m amazed that this particular product has become a new favourite.

Sephora Green Tea Micellar Water Review

The green tea not only smells amazing and feels instantly refreshing, it also helps tackle blemishes. My face feels and looks totally cleansed without any issues of the green tea feeling too intense.. something that I was extremely cautious of. My skin is annoyingly very sensitive and a lot of strongly perfumed products cause irritation, thankfully this is not the case with this little gem. Did I mention this is also a bargain price of $7.50 which is roughly £5.70. Well worth it if you ask me.

My only teeny-tiny annoyance with the cleanser is the bottle size. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lasting me really well for a 100ml bottle but I really wish I had a bigger size. I just know I’m going to miss this when I run out. Maybe it’s a great excuse for another Sephora purchase?

Have you tried this wonderful product yet?

Sephora Green Tea Micellar Water Review

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