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So When Are You Going To have A Baby?

Bit of an interesting topic for a Wednesday don’t you think? I thought I would change things up a little and talk about a more controversial subject as it has been popping up a lot recently.

So When Are You Going To have A Baby?

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At this point in my life, I am about to turn 23, still saving for a mortgage and have my wedding booked for the middle of next year. All scary but very exciting stuff. That list is enough for me right now and when all is ticked off, I can’t wait to just enjoy some holidays with my husband. Oh that sounds weird saying “husband”.

Have you noticed that as soon as you start planning your wedding, people assume you will be popping babies out from the point you say I do? “So when are you thinking of having a baby?” I’m not insulted by this question at all, although some may be. It’s just a question that has been popping up all over the place and has got me thinking.

Should I be thinking about having a baby after marriage? Is my clock ticking? That’s always a fun question isn’t it? The answer for me is the same for anyone in my situation. I will have a baby when I and my partner are ready. This could be in our first year of marriage or years down the line. Who knows? It’s not like having a baby doesn’t change your life completely and is full of new responsibilities!

Things change over time and I say, just do you! Make the important decisions when you feel ready (if you even want to have a baby, which is also completely up to you!) Do things when you are ready to minimise regrets and the “What ifs”. “I wish I traveled more before having a baby”. “ I wish I took that job when I had the chance”. Finish your own  adventures before starting the new (and still exciting) adventures as a family.

So, controversial? Quite possibly. There is no right or wrong, it’s just my opinion out of millions of others. What are your thoughts?




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