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3 Of My Latest Blog Loves

I feel like lately I have really be enjoying some new found blogs and as it’s the weekend (the perfect time for a blog reading session) why not share 3 of my latest favourites?

3 Of My Latest Blog Loves

I am officially obsessed with this blog. The photography is just dreamy and the writing style is right up my street. Rihanna talks about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel which I don’t usually read too much of but I have found her travel posts a really good read. I particularly enjoyed reading her “Cyprus Photography” post which was jam packed with the most stunning photos. This girl has talent!

I have seen this blog mentioned numerous of times now and I can see why. Let’s take a second to talk about the flatlays.. pure perfection and I’m totally jealous. If you love reading about makeup (like myself) this is the blog you need to check out. Of course there are posts that dive into other subjects like fashion, trips and homeware so there’s something to please everyone.

3 Of My Latest Blog Loves

Another blog that puts my flatlay skills (lack of them) to absolute shame. I could just stare at the homepage of Gemma’s blog and be happy because it really is that beautiful. Gemma talks about an array of subjects like beauty and lifestyle but the post I was sucked in by was “Battling The Winter Blues” which talks about SAD in a way that I totally connect with and Gemma describes it so well. I will also add that if you are a pretty big Autumnal person, you will love some of the latest posts.

Well there you have it. Some love to other bloggers and a little nudge towards discovering some fantastic blogs. I’m obsessed with them all and I think you will be too. Any blogs you have been loving lately? Send a link my way.

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