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My Forgotten Beauty Faves

I’ve been on a recent quest to tidy my rather large make up collection. My plan was to find things that I was happy to let go of to make room for new beauty products (not that I need any). As it turns this plan completely backfired as I only actually managed to part from one or two things, whilst also rediscovering some of my long forgotten beauty favourites from the past. Typical right?

My Forgotten Beauty Faves

I tried to be rather brutal when it came to lipsticks because they definitely take up the most space. I have been using purely liquid lipsticks for months now and I had hoped that I would be strong and have a mass clear out of some of my old non matte lipsticks. This obviously didn’t happen and instead I came across my old trusty friend Twig from MAC’s satin collection. This used to be one of my go-to lipsticks on a daily basis and I had forgotten how beautiful and easy-wearing this lipstick was. Thankfully this lipstick happens to be a great shade for Autumn and Winter so I guess timing has worked out well on this occasion. This obviously means I should keep hold of it right?
I can’t remember last time I wore a lipstick with a satin finish but after having a quick Lipstick change before popping out, flashbacks of how comfortable this lipstick actually is were rushing back to me. No, it may not be the longest lasting of lipsticks and it can quite possibly result in a smudge whilst you’re eating, but there’s just something that I love about this MAC gem. Call it a stable to any lipstick collection.

Who remembers the days of being obsessed with Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara? I loved this so much and it wasn’t too long that I picked up a travel size before going away. Since then it has managed to hide away from me (perhaps because it’s a little smaller than the usual size I purchase). I am overjoyed to have found this because this mascara really does make a difference to any look and lashes just look beautiful with such little effort. If you are looking for mascara that adds a bit of drama without looking clumpy or thick, this is an ideal mascara to try out. Plus, it ‘s from Benefit so you can’t go wrong really can you?

Never will I ever be able to part from an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. A mean who could? It may come to no surprise to you that I have been using the much raved about Heat palette constantly and although I am truly obsessed with it, it was great to come across my Naked 2 palette after what feels like a year. This was actually my first Urban Decay palette and it was one of my favourite products to use for the longest time. I am a true fan of nude shades and this palette has some beautiful ones. I can’t wait to start using it again and give my Heat palette a well deserved break.

My Forgotten Beauty Faves

The last of my rediscovered products is the Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer which I believe I’ve picked up by accident months ago. Thankfully I ended up loving this primer due to its silky texture and non-tacky feel. It is also the perfect base for so many foundations and I’m surprised that I haven’t mentioned it before on here (atleast I don’t think i have). I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite primer, but it is a great one to have and although I’m almost out, I would highly consider repurchasing it again.
Have you fallen back in love with any products recently? I’d love to know!

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