Journal No.5

It’s another chatty post and I’m sure you are overwhelmed with excitement. What’s new? Let me have a think. Well I have had a whole week with my car in the garage and as much as I have enjoyed a little break from driving, it probably hasn’t been very beneficial to my “driving anxiety” and definitely hasn’t helped my finances. Cars ay?

I had a small session of total lack of motivation but I’m feeling back on track and raring to go with future blog posts. I have also just recently set up a Facebook group relating to Thimbles and Spoons, which is here if you fancy a look. I’m not 100% sure that Facebook is greatly beneficial to a blog, but it’s worth a shot right? What do you think?

As much as I’m not really enjoying the super early dark nights (again because of the driving thing) I am however starting to get excited for Christmas! Too early? No! Not only Christmas.. it’s very nearly the end of the year and trust me, I will be so happy to see the end of 2017. Anyone else feel like that? 2018 already has so much potential to be amazing and I really hope I haven’t just jinxed it. For the rest of 2017 I’m trying to keep positive and just enjoy the little adventures. Here’s to a good rest of the year.

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