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Useful Tips To Help Get You Motivated For The Week Ahead

Sunday can bring mixed views to the table when you ask people if it’s their favourite day. Some may say it’s the day dedicated to ultimate relaxation whilst others may argue its the day to get jobs done in time for another long week of work. I’m a bit undecided because to be honest, I like a bit of a sort out before Monday comes around. For the most impacting “Motivation Monday”, I spend an occasional Sunday doing a total declutter and it works a charm (for me at least). So here’s what I like to do.

Useful Tips To Help Get You Motivated For The Week Ahead

Wardrobe Raid
I find a good sort out of my wardrobe oddly satisfying. It’s a good way of finding forgotten outfits that have been left lonely and forgotten in the deepest mists of your wardrobe.. You know, that one T-shirt that you loved so much and wore it constantly during Summer before it suddenly disappeared. I’m telling you, there’s some joy in that. It’s not all fun though, you have to be brutal for best results. If you haven’t worn that little black dress in months.. do you really need to hang on to it? Oh who am I kidding.. we all need a little black dress, but seriously.. make smart choices. Are you going to wear everything you own?

Room Tidy
Long gone are the days of parents telling you to tidy your room and to make the bed. It might (no, it definitely will) sound cliché but a tidy room makes for a tidy mind. Personally I’m at the age where a cluttered room stresses the crap out of me and nothing is ever going to get done if there’s mess around.

Prep Work Stuff Early
No one wants to think about work first thing on a Sunday but maybe you should think about it. Spend half an hour quickly prepping your work clothes and lunch for the next day. After that’s done and out the way, all you have left to do is chill out and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Pamper Yourself
Enjoy a long soak in the bath, watch a film under a fluffy throw, go out for lunch… whatever you do, make it something you can totally immerse yourself in and enjoy. Let your brain take a break and leave behind any unnecessary stress. Something I am hugely working on right now.

Useful Tips To Help Get You Motivated For The Week Ahead

Make a plan
This point is mainly aimed at bloggers but of course it may be useful to anyone. Make a plan of the week ahead and get organised. I spend most lunches and every evening writing blog posts, so I tend to make a quick weekly plan of the content I want to write about. It’s so useful and reduces stress during a long work day, which is greatly appreciated.

Well, are these helpful to you? Have you any other methods to add? Id love to hear them. Here’s to a good week ahead!


  1. November 6, 2017 / 7:15 pm

    I love this, so many great ideas! I’m definitely getting better but I may still need a little work on the tidying. I’m currently focusing on trying to plan my blog posts ahead because work is getting so busy and I don’t want to stop blogging!

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    • holly
      November 8, 2017 / 7:48 am

      The work balance thing can be so frustrating. I hope you find a routine that works for you x

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