A Little Update


Good morning! As some of you may have noticed, I have been MIA lately.. sorry! I am happy to say that I am well and truly back to blogging. I have missed my little space of creativity and trust me I have been wanting to write more content for the longest time.

Why haven’t I? With a combination of things on my mind, my brain has been in much need of a break. Putting it bluntly, my mental state went to crap and I wasn’t going to post anything that I wasn’t proud of. Every now and then life seems to be a bit overwhelming and I needed to step back and re-evaluate some things. We have all been there right?

So I may not be 100% happy with every aspect of my life right now but I’m working on it and slowly but surely I’m trying to regain a positive mindset. Next year is bringing some big but very exciting things and I really just want to concentrate my attention on the happiest elements of life. So onwards and upwards, I’m back and I hope you enjoy the future blog posts that are coming your way.

As a side note, you may notice a little badge on the side of this post regarding the UK Blog Awards 2018. Now I’m pretty certain that I won’t be walking away with any blog awards next year but if you wish to make a vote for Thimbles and Spoons or any other blog (because there are plenty of amazing blogs out there), go ahead and give it a click. It would be greatly appreciated and you have 2 votes to use. You may even find some new blogs to follow.

Catch you on the next post!

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