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Why Daisy By Marc Jacobs Is The Perfect Christmas Gift

I am one of those people who more times than not, purchases a fragrance after smelling it on someone else. I broke this pattern at the beginning of the year when I forced myself to stand at the fragrance aisle of Boots and test spray as many as humanly possible. I ended up with a couple of favourites and *Daisy happened to be one of them.

Why Daisy By Marc Jacobs Is The Perfect Christmas Gift

Giving a fragrance as a gift is a tricky one. It all comes down to personal choice, but if you trust yourself enough to know what someone will like, it can be a great gift. Daisy is one of those fragrances that just gives enough without being too over powering, the dreaded result of many scents. Let’s look into more detail shall we?

Daisy is a very beautiful, fresh and radiant scent that gives off subtle floral hints.. hence Daisy. It’s said to be a youthful scent that gives a luxurious aroma. This I totally agree with, there’s something classy about this particular product and it’s not just the bottle. A couple of spritz are plenty and the scent will pleasantly linger all day. You have never felt so fresh and elegant.

The bottle isn’t the most important factor when it comes to making a purchase, however this bottle does look nothing less than dreamy on your shelf. With hints of gold and floral elements, what’s not to like? This certainly does not look cheap. As price goes, a 50ml could be as low as £40 if you look in the right places and of course gift sets are also available, perfect for Christmas.

Why Daisy By Marc Jacobs Is The Perfect Christmas Gift

So if you are looking for a classic fragrance to gift to someone special. This could be the one.

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