Journal No.6


It’s been awhile since I have had a chatty post and I’ve missed it. What?! Christmas next week?! I can’t quite believe it and I really wish I could say that I’m feeling super festive but no matter how hard I have tried (with numerous films etc) I’m just not feeling it yet. Am I just getting old?

This month has been a strange one. There’s been snow, which I dread being such a nervous driver, there’s been days filled with gift shopping and tons of other busy things. It’s been stressful to be honest. God I sound like such a miserable adult don’t I? … yawn.

On the plus side it’s my last working day of the year today and I’m overjoyed to have 10 days to just breathe and enjoy some family time. Hopefully from now I will be singing carols around the house and poking my pressies under the tree.. yes I do actually do this.

2018 has so much potential to be an amazing year and I’m really hoping it is. I’m feeling motivated for it and it’s great to feel positive again. I’m hoping to really boost the blog and get the business side rolling and I can’t wait to see where it goes. As for the biggest delights of 2018.. I’m getting married! Excited and nervous all at once, it’s come around so quick.

Who else has some amazing plans for the new year?

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