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Little Things You Should Be Doing To Feel Christmassy

I’m currently finding myself switching on and off when it comes to feeling Christmassy and it’s something that’s been annoying me. I love Christmas! The family time, no work, good food and everything else that goes with it, why wouldn’t I enjoy the festive period? Sometimes you just need to give yourself a little boost to get into the spirit of things and when I’m feeling the need for a Christmas kick, these things always help.

Little Things You Should Be Doing To Feel Christmassy

Watch A Christmas Film
It’s never a chore watching a film now is it? My personal favorites include The Grinch, The Nightmare Before Christmas (which I feel is more a Christmas film than a Halloween film) Home Alone and Elf. I always feel more excited for Christmas day after a film like these plus it’s a fun way to distract yourself.

Do Some Baking
Not everyone’s cup of tea but I love baking and let’s face it, no one turns down a cake at Christmas. My family have a tradition of making sausage rolls and very recently peppermint bark. I have fond memories of certain baked goods at Christmas, so you never know.. you may be starting a new tradition. Not to mention baking makes the house smell good and feel cozy.

Put The CD Player On
Even if you aren’t feeling in the mood for a dance, just putting on some festive music as background noise can be surprisingly uplifting while you do other things. Wrap your pressies whilst listening to a bit of “Last Christmas”. Sounds ideal to me.

Is the Christmas tree up yet? It should be, but either way, why not add some extra magic to your home with some DIY decorations? From glittery jars and clay ornaments to cards and flower arrangements, they all make special little touches that you and your loved-ones can appreciate.

Little Things You Should Be Doing To Feel Christmassy


There’s not long to go, so let’s get rid of that hum-bug feeling and start getting excited.



  1. December 12, 2017 / 4:37 pm

    im currently bingeing on christmas films at the moment x

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