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How I Prepare For The New Year

Can you believe the year is almost at an end? Others may disagree but I say thank goodness. I look forward to 2018 and it’s new adventures. There are numerous ways I like to prepare myself for the new year and actually, I quite enjoy doing them. Nothing feels as good as starting the year with s fresh mind and an uncluttered space. Here’s what I like to do.

How I Prepare For The New Year

Skincare and Beauty clear out
I hoard skincare products like it’s no ones business and there’s really no need. I want to start the year with just a select group of favourite products that I know I’m going to use. I can’t stand half empty bottles collecting dust on the shelf and I definitely should be more disciplined with this.

I try to take the same approach with my makeup.. although not always successful. I find it hard letting go of lipsticks and such but if I haven’t used them in a while, I really ought to give them away. I really do love an organised makeup drawer.

Wardrobe Re-arange
Our with the old and in with the new. Time to get rid of the clothes that you haven’t worn in months and let’s face it, won’t ever wear again. Give yourself a head start and get some room for the upcoming trends of 2018. Fill your wardrobe with outfits that will make you ooze with confidence.

Buy a calendar
I’m quite the organised bug at times and I like to have my year’s dates all jotted down otherwise I am bound to forget something. Next year I have so many things booked that I can’t even count so I’m desperate for my calendar to arrive.

How I Prepare For The New Year

Swap over the handbag
A new year means a new bag don’t you agree? I love that feeling of a new bag companion, the handy pockets and an organised set up. No doubt it will be full of old receipts and tickets before the end of January, but still.. it’s nice to try.

Ready for the new year? How do you prep?

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