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My Favourite YouTube Channels Of 2017

Considering I recently posted about my love for particular blogs in 2017, I thought it would be fitting to do the same for the numerous YouTubers I have been obsessed with too. I am one of those people who watches far more on YouTube than I do on TV so prepare for a lengthy list.

My Favourite YouTube Channels Of 2017

The Tim Tracker
Tim and Jenn are like celebrities of the “Disney YouTube world” and they haven’t let their fame go to their heads. There’s nothing quite like a Disney World vlog and Tim and Jenn are there nearly every day. Of course there’s a mix of plenty of other American theme parks and destinations but it goes without saying that I love the Disney World vlogs the most. If you are planning a trip or just want to re-live some memories, this channel is the perfect place.

Loey Lane
This girl is practically my idol! Loey oozes confidence and creates videos that talk about PR hauls, makeup, fashion and a little bit of supernatural content. I might sound like a weird mix but I love it and if you live for a good ghost story, you will too.

Manny MUA
Oh Manny! This channel totally emerges you in the world of makeup from all brands, both high-end and high-street. There’s first impressions, reviews, get the look and so much more but what really makes the channel is of course Manny himself with his humour and hilarious faces.

Gabriella is rather well known but it was only in the last year that I have come across her channel. It’s safe to say that I became obsessed with her main channel content and her vlogs straight away. She just has a way of being uplifting even when she is having a lazy day. There’s also a lot of adorable cat footage to enjoy.

Mark Ferris
Mark is that YouTuber that you just want to be best friends with. He’s awesome regardless of what he films, which can be a real, fun mix of randomness.

Nikkie Tutorials
A makeup guru at her best, I adore Nikkie! I fully trust Nikkie’s reviews and recommendations so there’s no surprise that she has convinced me to try out a number of products. Nikkie knows what she is talking about and doesn’t take herself too seriously. There’s no wonder why she is so popular.

Jaclyn Hill
Another amazing guru who has my absolute respect. Jaclyn’s contouring tutorial basically changed my life and she is a queen for trying out and perfecting new looks.

Ellie Steadman
Jase and I love watching Ellie’s adventures in Disney World especially since she has been taking part in the Cultural Rep program in Epcot. There’s been recent videos from trips in New York and Disneyland too so there’s really nothing not to like is there?

My Favourite YouTube Channels Of 2017

Sprinkle Of Glitter
Everyone has heard of Louise Pentland and I think she is such an admirable woman. She’s totally honest and I love that, plus I can’t wait for more baby content to pop up because I’m a sucker for little baby feet.

9 will do for now don’t you think? I’ve already subscribed to a load more channels so who knows who will be on my list next year.

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