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Your Guide To The Ultimate Sunday Pamper Session

My Sunday’s are for relaxing and indulging, atleast that’s what I like to think anyway. When the week is over and I’m in desperate need for some me time and ultimate pamper session, there are 5 musts. These musts include:

Your Guide To The Ultimate Sunday Pamper Session

A hair treatment
I’m not talking about going to the salon to have a huge hair change with a complimentary hair massage.. although that sounds good too. I’m talking about a hair mask that will treat your locks without even having to leave the house. You can go all out and make your own mask or use a shop bought tub of goodness. I opt for the Lush H’suan wen hua which I’ve raved about plenty of times before. It’s an amazing mask and I have repurchased this particular product at least 4 times now.

Bombs away!
Baths are my haven on a Sunday and a bathbomb makes all the difference. I’m a self confessed bathbomb addict and there’s so many to choose from, so find the best scented bathbomb you fancy and chuck it in. This really does make a bath feel luxurious and you always smell great after.

Skin detox
Get your favourite face mask out and slap it on. If you are treating your hair, you really MUST treat your face too right? I love a good trusted clay mask for the biggest luxury feels.

Let there be light
Surround yourself with candles and just breathe. This always helps my relax.. almost like a spa feel perhaps.

Your Guide To The Ultimate Sunday Pamper Session

Whether this means treating yourself to some chocolate or vegging out to some YouTube (or both) just enjoy some time doing what you like and distract yourself from the real world. Pure bliss.

Are you feeling the need for some relaxation? I hope these help.

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