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How To Be A Morning Person

It’s early in the new year and your new positive, highly motivated self is ready to be productive right? Well that’s what you are hoping for at least. When the work hours and early mornings kick back in, there’s nothing worse than craving more sleep and running around like a headless chicken because you are running late. What a crappy way to start the day. If you are hoping that this absolutely will not be you this year, here’s some tips on how to be a morning person.

How To Be A Morning Person


Get a good amount of sleep
I know it sounds like I’m a nagging mother but sleep really is important if you want to be able to tackle the day ahead. If you are feeling tired.. go to sleep, get a good 7+ hours at least and your body and mind will appreciate it. It really is that simple. Having the extra shutdown time will give you the extra boost the next day.

Don’t over use the snooze button
Yes I’m talking about that wonderful button that allows you to catch a tiny bit more of precious Zzz’s before you really desperately need to get up. It’s a trap! Avoid it as best you can and reduce the possibility of running late. Get up on the first alarm (as dreadful as that sounds) and give yourself enough time to gradually wake up and prepare yourself. Don’t start the day in a mass panic with an empty stomach because you will certainly regret it.

Eat breakfast
This is always a bit of a struggle for me but I’m doing my best. People always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and let’s be logical here, they are probably right. We all need some sort of nutritional energy source to survive until lunch time. So don’t skip breakfast!

Prep everything the night before
It sounds boring but it’s much easier waking up and not having to prepare your lunch and rush to find your uniform in the tumble dryer. Too much unnecessary hassle! Get everything sorted the night before and your half asleep self won’t have to try too hard to remember everything before downing a cup of tea.

How To Be A Morning Person

Work out?
I’l be honest, I can’t see myself doing this any time soon but if you are up for a challenge, working out in the morning can be great for starting the day with a positive attitude. Exercise can really boost your spirits.. if you are dedicated enough to do it.

Goals, goals, goals
Hardly anyone really loves their job so it’s important to keep in mind your own goals and the positive outcomes you can achieve in the day. Push yourself to find something great and you won’t feel so down about a day spent working.

Now are you ready to take on the day like a boss?

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  1. January 8, 2018 / 3:00 pm

    This is a great post, I had to find out if I was missing out on anything because I am NOT a morning person. I’m not a late night person, either!

    Definitely the goals thing, especially if you’re not feeling motivated to get up and go to your job, having something that you can focus on or get excited about after work is a good idea. I think that’s how a lot of working people feel about blogging as a hobby.

    And the exercising – I have to exercise in the morning but definitely not first thing. Maybe try something like a morning yoga sequence just to give yourself 10 minutes to stretch and wake up properly? There’s loads of ideas on Pinterest, of course!


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