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L’Oréal True Match : An Underrated Foundation

It wasn’t that long ago when I found myself wandering around the makeup aisles of Boots looking for a new foundation to wear on the daily. I had my eye on a couple that for some reason or another I couldn’t quite place in store. Determined not to leave empty handed, *L’Oréal’s True Match foundation caught my eye, a foundation that was admittedly never on my radar.

L’Oréal True Match : An Underrated Foundation

I’ve seen the ads and passed it countless times in the shops but I had never been too fussed to try it for myself (something I now regret). Fast forward to a couple of weeks later and I am loving this surprise foundation.

I wanted a daily foundation that wouldn’t dry out and crack over a long work shift and something that felt comfortable with some element of coverage. This foundation didn’t disappoint. With a dewy and natural finish this foundation is ideal for everyday wear. It’s light yet buildable and it’s replaced any other “day foundations” I had been using (atleast for now that is).

For a foundation that I haven’t seen much hype about (why?!), I’m really surprised and pleased with the results. If this foundation wasn’t on your radar either, it should be now. Plus it’s a very reasonable £9.99 so worth a try right?

L’Oréal True Match : An Underrated Foundation


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