My Top Favourite Most Useful Makeup Tutorials

Like so many of you lovely readers, I am a huge fan of makeup (as I’m sure you can probably tell) but I’m by no means a makeup pro and because of this little fact I find myself watching tons of makeup tutorials on YouTube. I love learning new skills and tips and YouTube is full of helpful videos.

My Top Favourite Most Useful Makeup Tutorials

Nikkie Tutorials
I mean when someone has Tutorials in the name, you know you are in the right place. I have mentioned Nikkie’s channel so many times before and there’s good reason. Nikkie really is quite the makeup guru and there are a few videos that have been a godsend for tips. My favourites include:
How to get long-lasting & flawless makeup all day long
How to curl your lashes the BEST way
Eyebrow tutorial

Jaclyn Hill
Everybody knows and love Jaclyn Hill right? Boy does she have talent and I am so grateful that I came across her channel because her tutorials are just nothing less than amazing. I was in amazement over her contouring tutorial but she has so many other videos that are just as good, so here they are.
How to : easy smokey cat eye
How to : contour | blush | highlight & bake the face
Hair tutorial : big voluminous waves

Lucy and Lydia
I’m not sure I have ever mentioned Lucy and Lydia’s channel on here but I do really enjoy watching their videos. They have a lot of Disney videos which is why I first came across their channel, but they also love a good “get the look” videos and tutorials.
Our Disney makeup tutorials
Our Autumn/Winter makeup routines

Manny MUA
It’s 2018 and makeup is for all to enjoy.. male, female, whoever! Manny puts everyone to shame with his makeup abilities and I’m so jealous. I could watch his tutorials all day and there’s a LOT of them, these 2 just happen to be my fave right now.
Bold and easy cut crease makeup tutorial
Most expensive one brand tutorial

My list is forever growing, but for now I hope these are helpful to you. Any recommendations?

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