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Urban Decay All Nighter Vs Urban Decay Naked Skin

If you asked me what foundations I have always wanted to try, these two would undoubtedly be in my top five. I have waited forever to try these and a few weeks ago I decided now was the time to treat myself. Which one to choose proved to be quite the dilemma, so into the basket they both went.

Urban Decay All Nighter Vs Urban Decay Naked Skin


Urban Decay is a brand that has never disappointed me so I had high expectations for both foundations, whilst predicting that the All Nighter foundation would be my new favourite.

Let’s take a quick look at packaging. Nothing pleases me more than a foundation that comes with a pump and both of these products thankfully do. This is a huge plus for me from the get go. Naked Skin comes in a simple, clear bottle whilst All Nighter is a little more interesting with its “stained glass-effect” front. Both bottles include 30ml of product so should be lasting you awhile regardless of which foundation you choose.

* Urban Decay All Nighter
Although I thought this would be a guaranteed winner for me, I’m actually quite undecided. During certain applications depending on my skin that day, the formula could appear quite cakey. On good skin days my face looked nothing less than flawless so it’s a foundation that can be a dream to use or one to avoid if you are suffering from dry patches. The formula is definitely buildable for absolute full coverage, which lets be honest is something we all love from a foundation. This formula also proved to be very long lasting. I did find that some concealers just didn’t mix well with this foundation, but with a little practice this foundation can be a great addition to your makeup bag.

Urban Decay All Nighter Vs Urban Decay Naked Skin

* Urban Decay Naked Skin
With a finish that isn’t quite as matte as All Nighter, I’d say this would be more of a daily foundation for me. It feels slightly lighter on the skin and therefore a tiny bit more comfortable (not to say that All Nighter isn’t comfortable). This particular formula is also buildable for medium to high coverage and just as long lasting. I haven’t been disappointed yet.

My overall thoughts on the foundations are difficult. I’m surprisingly not sure I have a favourite because both are great for different purposes. If you want flawless skin that’s also high coverage, go for All Nighter. If you want an everyday natural foundation that’s slightly matte, go for Naked Skin. Either way, I’m really pleased to have both foundations in my collection but neither are replacing my Nars Sheer Glow anytime soon.


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