What’s on my Lush Wishlist?

I’m no stranger to the Lush store or website but there’s still a number of products I am yet to try. I’ve gained some everyday staples when it comes to Lush and as I’ve been exploring some new products lately, my love for the store has only grown. So what’s on my list of products to try? I have a few.

Lush products

Cup O’Coffee
I’m not a fan of coffee but I have always been curious about this particular face and body mask for a number of reasons. One of the reasons being the reviews which are hugely positive. My skin calls for a boost every now and then and this could be the ultimate exfoliator that I have been missing in my life.

Bunny Moon
If you haven’t seen it already, I recently tried and raved about the Birth Of Venus Jelly Mask. This was my first jelly mask experience and I am impressed! I’m desperate to continue exploring the jelly masks (and there are a few) but I’m mostly drawn to Bunny Moon because who doesn’t like the sound of “calm and clear skin”?

Creamy Candy
I don’t know anyone who has walked into Lush and left without some sort of bath or shower product. I’m a particular fan of the bubble bars and “Creamy Candy” sounds like the sweet scent that I am forever drawn to. A candy floss smell that leaves skin feeling velvety.. Sounds good to me.

Sympathy For The Skin
I don’t use body lotion nearly as much as I should (it’s my one neglect in skincare) and perhaps picking up a tub of Sympathy For The Skin will help change that. Anything with cocoa butter is a friend of mine so I’m totally intrigued.

I wasn’t going to make a Lush list and not mention atleast one bath bomb. Everyone raves about Twilight and I’m living for the purple starry vibes. You just can’t beat a bathbomb.


Any suggestions from you fellow Lush-fanastics? I’d love to hear about your faves.

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